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What Is the Hard Wood Tonic System?

The Hard Wood Tonic System is a comprehensive step-to-step guide that’s carefully designed to help men successfully beat their ED. The unique hook is based on using potent natural ingredients to make a 60 second tonic formula…

Who Buys the Hard Wood Tonic System?

This offer has a 3-6% conversion rate for email lists with men 35-70 years old…

Interestingly, younger guys also now have the highest levels of ED recorded.

You’ll also see decent results from younger male demographics such as those interested in dating, muscle building and even financial success.

To sum up, Hard Wood Tonic can vacuum up conversions from a wide variety of demographics.

  • Any health lists with men
  • Diabetes
  • Weight loss
  • Testosterone
  • Conservative
  • Dating
  • Muscle-building
  • Fitness
  • Success/finance

3 Reasons You Should Promote The Hard Wood Tonic System

Reason 1

VSL is crushing it. Top levels offer creators and copywriters are behind this offer. VSL is incredibly convincing and powerful. We are constantly testing and optimizing for you.

Hard Wood Tonic converts at around 3-6% on the front end…

The high ticket funnel contains a red hot supplement and an “Alpha System” and it’s constantly being optimized for AOV.

Hard Wood Tonic System has a super-low refund rate for an info product. Why? Because it actually works.

Reason 2

It’s ideal for several types of traffic. Display, Facebook and email traffic are all winners... you can get $5+ EPCs, an AOV of $75, and default commissions of 75%.

Running volume? You may qualify for 90%. To see, just email us.

Reason 3

It’s brought to you by a kick-ass team. Why else is it so successful? We’ll look after you like family and make sure you get what you need to max your conversions.

Get Started With Your Hop Links

How to get started:

  1. Sign up with an account at Clickbank.com
  2. Replace xxxx with your own Clickbank affiliate ID or nickname.
  3. Insert your own tracking reference following the TID= value (optional)

The Clickbank ID is hwtonic

Get started by choosing your affiliate link below:

High-Converting Email Swipes

Swipes are constantly updated for highest performance.

Click here to get immediate access to high-converting swipes

In the emails, make sure you replace “CBID” or “xxx” with your own Clickbank affiliate ID or nickname. And insert your own tracking reference following the “tid=” (optional).

NOTE: We only allow you to promote to opted-in subscribers. No spamming is allowed. You will be blacklisted immediately if you send unsolicited emails.

Facebook Ad Resources


  • Use a landing page or quiz in between the ad and the offer
  • Have links to your privacy policy, terms of service and contact pages on your site
  • Avoid terms such as “sexual problems cure”, “erectile dysfunction remedy” or anything promising to fix or “cure” erectile dysfunction
  • Choose terms such as “reverse limpness”, "men’s problems", “firmness”, “unusual performance tonic” and “firm up rapidly” or similar
  • You can choose a landing page made by us that doesn’t have exit popups or autoplay (see affiliate links section above)

Ad Headline Options

The following are potential ad copy options that avoid using terms that could get you flagged:

  • Men: remove “clog” in 15 minutes with this
  • Men: you won’t need the blue pill anymore when you do this
  • The potent tonic replaces the blue pill for thousands of men
  • 93% of Men REVERSED “Limpness” with This Potent Tonic
  • Unusual tonic helps men “upgrade”
  • Weird potent tonic increases stiffness
  • Drink This to Stiffen Up performance in minutes

Commission Structure

With Hard Wood Tonic, you get:

  • $4.35 EPCs
  • $75 AOV
  • 75% instant commissions (if you’re able to send a consistent high volume of sales, we’ll gladly bump your commission. Email us for details.

Affiliates Please Note

If you need any help or have any questions, please email us:

[email protected]

  • Do not spam in anyway
  • Do not advertise your own bonuses or anything additional of your own.
  • Do not claim to represent Hard Wood Tonic System.
  • Do not advertise incorrect pricing.
  • Do not direct link to any order form.
  • Anyone found doing this will be blacklisted immediately.